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    CTS ? Reliability, risk assessment and loading on structures

    The Centre of Technical Standardization (CTS) was set up on the basis of a contract between the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ), the Klokner Institute, and the Technical Standardisation Committee TNK 38 Structural reliability.

    The Leader of CTS is Prof. Ing. Milan Holický, DrSc., chairman of TNK 38.

    The contact person is Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jana Marková, Ph.D.

    CTS is responsible for cooperation with Technical Committee CEN/TC 250, with its Sub-committee CEN/TC 250/SC1 for actions on structures, and also with Technical Committee ISO/TC 98. Some members of the Institute are involved in preliminary research on standardization, development of standards and revisions to standards. They participate in standardization at European and international level (in working groups on snow loads, on the basic design and robustness of structures, and on the design of lighting columns).

    CTS develops National Annexes to Eurocodes EN 1990, to EN 1991 and also to selected parts of EN 1998. CTS is involved in national implementation of several ISO standards, including ISO 13822 for assessments of existing structures and ISO 12 494 for icing on structures. CTS provides consultations on basic design and actions on structures. In collaboration with the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction (ČKAIT), CTS organizes regular courses for certified engineers and other experts working in the construction industry.

    The contacts of members of CTS providing consultations on Eurocodes ČSN EN 1990, ČSN EN 1991, ČSN EN 1998 and ČSN EN 40 are as follows:

    Basis of structural design and actions on structures

    prof. Ing. Milan Holický, DrSc. ( milan.holicky@cvut.cz)

    doc. Ing. Jana Marková, Ph.D. ( jana.markova@cvut.cz)

    Ing. Karel Jung, Ph.D. ( karel.jung@cvut.cz)

    Ing. Miroslav Sýkora, Ph.D. ( miroslav.sykora@cvut.cz)

    Wind actions, cranes and machinery loads

    Ing.Jaromír Král, CSc. ( jaromir.kral@kcvut.cz)

    Snow loads, traffic loads on bridges, designing of lighting columns

    Ing. Marie Studničková, CSc. ( marie.studnickova@cvut.cz)

    Accidental and seismic actions

    doc. Ing. Daniel Makovička, DrSc. ( daniel.makovicka@cvut.cz)

    Present CTS activities and recent outcomes

    The following standards have been recently published:

    ? ČSN 73 0042 (Doc. J. Marková, Prof. M. Holický) Pressures of fresh concrete on vertical scaffolding. This standard is a modified translation of German standard DIN 18218:2010-01 and replaces previous guidance for structural design on pressures of fresh concrete contained in ČSN 73 0035.

    ? ČSN EN 1991-1-3, Amendment 4 (Ing. M. Studničková), which allows use of the interactive snow map available at the websites of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (www.snehovamapa.cz).

    ? ČSN EN 1998-1, Amendment 2 (Doc. J. Marková, Prof. M. Holický), which specifies or improves selected principles of structural design against earthquakes in the Czech Republic.

    ? ČSN EN 1998-2, Amendment A2 (Ing. M. Studničková), which deals with Clause J.1 for minimum temperature of the isolator for seismic design situations.

    ? ČSN EN 1991-2, Amendment 3 (Ing. M. Studničková), which modifies regulation coefficients and specifies in detail the application traffic load models LM1 and LM3.

    – ČSN 73 0039 Design of constructed facilities in mining subsidence areas.

    CTS cooperated with Hydroprojekt, a.s. (Doc. J. Marková) on anamendment to ČSN 73 6503 Rules for the basis for the design and load of hydraulic structures, which is still absent in EU standards.

    Results of the tender for members of the Project Team for further development of Eurocodes

    The tender was held aiming at forming 25 project teams (PT) of 4 to 6 members focused on further development of Eurocodes. The tender (1st call was held, of the total of four calls) was announced, based on the Mandate M/515 supported by the European Commission given to the Technical Committee CEN/TC 250. Three-level selection committees were formed from leading experts and chairmen of the CEN/TC 250 subcommittees. Twice as many applicants showed their interest as were finally accepted. Expert and language skills and equal representation of all Member States were the basic criteria followed in the evaluation.

    Based on the tender, Prof. Milan Holický was assigned the role of the leader of working group WG2.T1b Assessment and retrofitting of existing structures ? General Rules/Actions, and Assoc. Prof. Jana Marková became a member of working group SC1.T5 Climate changes.

    The group WG2.T1b will convert the JRC Technical Report into CEN Technical Specifications for the principles and actions on existing structures. The group SC1.T5 will prepare a Technical Report and will recommend new provisions for Eurocode EN 1991-1-3 for snow loads, EN 1991-1-5 for thermal actions, EN 1991-1-4 for wind loads, and EN 1991-1-9 for atmospheric icing.