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    About us

    celek webOur main task is to carry out scientific work, and this is closely linked with teaching. We are also involved in the technical commercial area and in national and international standardisation, in collaboration with CTU in Prague and with the Czech Republic as the whole. We were the first research institute to be set up at CTU, and we are one of the four oldest self-standing research institutes in Europe. The Institute was established in 1921, and was called the Research and Experimental Institute of Materials and Building Constructions. Frantisek Klokner, a professor at CTU, was the instigator, the founder and the first head of the Institute, which now bears his name. It has four technical departments and the Composite Centre, an accredited laboratory. Since 1986, the Institute has also been a court expertworkplace in the field of construction diagnosis, analysing defects and carrying out tests on concrete, steel, wood and masonry.

    Main aims

    • Comprehensive reliability and risk assessment of the impacts of extraordinary loads and environmental impacts
    • Materials engineering in the field of silicates and polymer composites
    • Development of monitoring systems for long-term observation of the behaviour of building structures