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    Entrance exams

    The entrance exam consists of:

    – professional debate on the topic of doctoral studies

    – an assessment of the applicant’s previous studies, knowledge and professional activities

    – an assessment of the applicant’s language skills

    – an approval opinion from the supervisor of the doctoral topic

    (As it stands, the admission examination is not precisely specified)

    Standard duration of study

    With regard to the content and predominantly experimental nature of the topics of doctoral studies (especially time) and also with regard to increasing the success rate of DSP graduates, in accordance with Act No.11/1998 Coll. and Section 47 paragraph (2) “On Higher Education Institutions and Amendments and Supplements to Other Acts”, it is proposed to change the standard length of studies from three years to four years.

    Individual study plan


    – pass exams from four subjects of the compulsory elective group PI by the end of the first year (2nd semester)

    – pass examinations in at least two subjects of the PII group of compulsory electives by the end of the second year (4th semester)

    – pass an examination in a foreign language

    – pass examinations in the optional subjects agreed with his/her supervisor

    – pass the State Doctoral Examination by the end of the third year (6th semester)

    – by the end of the seventh semester, complete all experimental and evaluation work and submit his/her doctoral thesis in concept to his/her supervisor

    – submit the DP by the end of the fourth year (8th semester)

    – is obliged to actively present his/her work at conferences and in professional journals

    – if possible, undertake a short-term study stay at a foreign university or research institute

    Study Plans of Majors

    The offer of compulsory electives and elective courses has been taken into account on the basis of the existing frequency of their selection.

    Some subjects have been merged and innovated according to the current knowledge in the field.

    State Doctoral Examinations

    After completing all prescribed requirements, the student shall apply to the Office of Student Affairs for the State Doctoral Examinations

    For the State Doctoral Examination, the student submits a written study of his/her dissertation, conducts a professional discussion of the dissertation topic, and demonstrates his/her expertise in the topic.

    The examination shall be given at any time after the above requirements have been met.